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Vai Anitta on Netflix – a little bit of the brazilian pop Singer and her Culture

maxresdefaultThis article aims to present a small revision about the serie on Nextflix Vai Anitta


Anitta is a brazilian POP singer that is becoming a huge superstar worldwide. She is only 25 and has millions of views on Youtube and Millions of followers on her Instagram.

In the serie Vai Anitta streamed by Netflix is possible to watch a little bit of the brazilian culture, pop culture, favela and so on.

Don’t worry if you haven’t watch it, I don’t give spoils here.

Click on the video below and watch a review about it:

Brazil is a huge country with so many to be explored and loads of things people abroad don’t know about it.

As you could see in the video, we totally understand you guys when it comes to stereotypes, because the rest of Latin America speak spanish for instance, and they have bigger influence in music, Pop culture, soap operas and so on and so forth, and the media presents what they think it brings more audience, they’re not concerned with culture or knowledge.

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