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Have you already thought that translation is making you lose control about your english learning process?

Our biggest enemy in the learning process is our mother tongue. It is already very hard to learn a new language, you have to be really focused and wish that a lot, being persuasive and never giving up, ever!


Translating could make your learning process even worse.

I am not sure about your language. However, mine comes from Latin the same as the English pattern as many others, which makes that a lot worse to learn.

You must be thinking why?


Association or translation of what we have been trying to learn in english to our mother tongue, in most cases will help you to make more mistakes or even become the learning process a way harder, due to the fact that english is not a phonetic language that the words are pronounced exactly how they have been spelled. Though it is a Non phonetic language, in which most of the time what has been written will sound completely different than what they really sound.

So what should we do? If I cannot translate and I don’t understand English?


To simplify those questions, let’s think about children’s learning process. Have you ever analyzed how does it work their learning process?


They are born not knowing anything!

They don’t know how to walk, how to feed themselves, even the most basic thing that you could even imagine now as talk, they cannot do that alone. They need someone to show them how to do it and they repeat, repeat and repeat over and over again.

However, it’s not only the repetition that teaches them, but the association progress. They don’t start calling you Mommy or Daddy, because you translated to them these words, but because they associate all your actions as parents, brothers or simply friends, learning that those actions are the ones taken by people.

To conclude it is clear that translation is not the best tool to learn a new language, though it is associating.

Start today practing your ears by getting exposed to the language in all different manners, by listening to some good music or watching that serie on Netflix. Even not understanding, you’ll start associating contexts and actions or images with what they really mean.

Hope you liked today’s post!

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Talk to you soon,

Teacher Lucas Pereira